1.1 The value and practice of inclusiveness in a company: how to measure it?

The Checklist on inclusiveness in the work environment

The concept of inclusive workplace refers to an organization that considers values and uses individual and intergroup differences within its work force, alleviates the needs of people with some health conditions and collaborates with individuals, groups and organizations across the culture of organization itself.
To measures the presence of inclusive attitudes of the organizations a checklist to assess the level of inclusiveness in the work environment is provided by this Training tool.
The Checklist is a simple self-assessment guide for managers and employees of all the organizations.
The Checklist, inspired by different tools on inclusiveness evaluation [2], has been newly developed to cover all the areas where actions can be made to improve inclusion.

The Checklist on Environmental Inclusiveness is composed by 4 sections:

  • Work environment: it represents the whole organization and its rules;
  • Reasonable accommodations: it regards possible adaptations of the workplace;
  • Management & Leadership: it involves the management decisions and organization policies;
  • Teamwork & Leadership: it includes the working dynamics between colleagues and the working performance.


There are 10 questions for each of the 4 sections of the Checklist. If the sentence represents the organization, the respondent should put YES, while if the sentence does not represent the organization, the respondent should put NO. A YES answer corresponds to 1 point while a NO answer corresponds to 0 points. Each section has a maximum subtotal score of 10. The highest possible score is 40.

The Checklist can be compiled by managers as well as by employees. Comparing results on perception of inclusiveness between different roles and areas of the same enterprise allows managers to start corrective actions,  if difference are highlighted and if needed.

Quik Facts

  • Self-assessment for manager and employees
  • 10 minutes completion time
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Instantaneous scoring

[2] This Checklist on Environmental Inclusiveness is inspired by different documents and between them are to be noted the following:
– UN CONVENTION on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), United Nations, 2006
– AVALLONE, F., Farnese, L., Pepe, S., Paplomatas, A. (2007), Il processo di CONVIVENZA. Indagine ESPLORATIVA sulle dimensioni della CONVIVENZA AFFETTIVA, ORGANIZZATIVA, sociale. In AVALLONE, F., Borgogni, L. (a cura di), CONVIVENZA ed efficacia ORGANIZZATIVA, Rassegna di Psicologia, Quaderno speciale 1, Carrocci Editore, Roma, pp. 33
– O’Leary, J., Legg, A. (2017), Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018: Mapping the state of inclusion in the australian workforce. DIVERSITY Council Australia web: [https://accessandinclusionindex.com.au/ ] [http://www.businessanddisability.org/charter-principles-based-self-assessment/]

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