1.2 How to use the Checklist on environmental inclusiveness

How to interpret the results of the Checklist on inclusiveness in the work environment:

Reading answers to Checklist’s items will allow to have a picture of the strengths and weakness on inclusiveness of the
By noting in which section the organization does not reach the maximum score of 10, managers can promote employees’ wellbeing by investing in the domains of inclusiveness in which the organization has not yet adopted inclusiveness strategies.

Once the Checklist has been filled in, the total score allows to have a picture of the overall state of the environmental inclusiveness of organization.
Comparing the score given by managers and employees will help to identify areas that could be improved. Poor score identifies areas for intervention. For example, if the enterprise obtains 4/10 points in the section “teamwork” it means that action to promote inclusiveness could be taken in this area.

Quik Facts

  • Self-assessment for manager and employees
  • 10 minutes completion time
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Instantaneous scoring

Suggested actions if scoring is below 40:

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