Strengthen knowledge and skills

All nutrition counselling and training is recommended to be provided by an authorized nutritionist or equivalent health care professional with a qualification in nutrition and health.




Possibility for employees to measure, for example, body weight, body composition, blood pressure, blood glucose, and/or blood lipids to raise awareness of personal health status, and receive tailored recommendations based on the measurement results. This can be done, for example, during health checks or theme days arranged at the workplace.


Providing employees education on healthy diet and its health benefits, for example, in the form of lectures, workshops, or information stands.

Digital support

Possibility for employees to use a digital lifestyle training application that is used, for example, on a computer or smartphone, and that supports in improving dietary patterns and enables monitoring progress in lifestyle change process.

This means is relatively effortless to put into action, meaning that it's execution does not require major investments as regards personnel, time, or material
Self-monitoring tools

Possibility for employees to use a digital food diary application that enables self-monitoring dietary patterns, food and nutrient intake, and progress in reaching personal dietary goals.

Face-to-face support

Possibility for empowering individual or group-based counselling that involves:

  1. provision of factual information, for example, on how diet influences health and on recommended dietary choices
  2. boosting motivation, for example, by weighing pros and cons of making lifestyle changes
  3. goal-setting and action planning that involves setting concrete, achievable goals for changing dietary habits, making an action plan to achieve these goals, and identifying and reducing barriers for following the plan
  4. skills training, for example, through learning to identify healthy food and beverage options and to cook healthy food
  5. receiving feedback and monitoring progress

Access to dietitian

Possibility for employees to consult a dietitian, for instance, by including authorized nutritionist’s services in the contract made with occupational health care service provider. This contract could encompass, for example, five nutritionist appointments per employee on occupational doctor’s referral.

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