2.3 How to interpret the results? (WAI)

When interpreting the results, it must be noted that the estimated work ability relates to the work performed by the employees with their respective physical and mental work demands.
Low WAI values do not indicate an individual deficiency but an incongruity between the work demands and the work capability of the employees.
The total score obtained will refer to a score range to which corresponds the current work ability of the respondent and the connected suggested action, as shown in the table below:

Managers should be able to improve work ability of each employee by changing the environmental barrier into facilitators. In doing so also people with chronic conditions can benefit of a more friendly, inclusive and flexible environment, thus each person in a well-managed enterprise can increase his/her work ability.

Suggested Actions when WAI is low
  • Modification of the work organization
  • Modification of activities of employees
  • Improving team support and cohesion of workers in achieving goals
  • Define interventions focused on reasonable accommodations.
    These should be discussed with employees of the sector that reports lower WAI

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