Complimentary fruits

Providing healthy* snacks at the workplace free of charge, for example, fresh fruit in recreation rooms

Lunch break

Paid lunch break encourages employees to have a meal break during working hours. Regular meal pattern, in turn, aids maintaining vitality, concentration, and productivity.

Subsidizing healthy options

Reducing the costs of or providing subvention for healthy food alternatives* available at the workplace, for example, in staff restaurant, cafeteria, or vending machines

Meal benefit

Providing monetary subvention for meals purchased from the workplace staff restaurant or cafeteria, or an agreement restaurant outside the workplace

Cold storage for travelling employees

Making cold storage of packed lunches possible for employees that travel frequently by car, bus, or train, for example, by providing a small cool bag that facilitates having healthy meals, maintaining regular meal pattern, and enjoying packed lunches fresh also on the go.

*For more details on healthy food and beverage alternatives with high nutritional quality, as well as less healthy alternatives, refer to Figure 4.

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