3.3 Stay at work: support employees with CDs to keep working

Communication and compassion are critical. Chronic conditions may worsen over time. It’s important to monitor how the accommodations made are working, and whether they may need to be changed, or if additional modifications might be needed. Good companies understand that success includes treating people with respect and dignity, in sickness and in health. To improve organizational collaboration between employees with chronic diseases and employees without

any health conditions, managers can benefit from the use of intranet on which a training package for all employees can be launched. This should be dedicated to the development of an inclusive working environment. Decrease in functioning might happen to all and with ageing of working population one or more condition can affect health of all.  Information on NCDs could also be provided by sending e-mail announcements, adding information on company newsletters and on info-screens.

Key suggestions for developing a training package

  • Information sheets on chronic diseases in general or on one or more specific diseases (see Appendix)
  • Guidelines on the psychological, legal, and medical aspects of chronic diseases in general or of specific diseases
  • Webinars on the advantages of an inclusive working environment
  • Webinars on collegial relationships
  • Videos on social consequences of diseases (i.e. common prejudice and stereotypes related to CDs and their consequences)
  • Webinar on Reasonable Accommodation to adapt the workplace to meet the needs of employees affected by chronic diseases
  • Online Courses on conflict management in the company, communication techniques, group dynamics and diversity management

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