Create supportive working environment

Physical environment



Shared responsibility to tidy up

Involving all employees in creating comfortable working environment so that teams take the responsibility to tidy up common working spaces on alternate weeks.

This means is relatively effortless to put into action, meaning that it's execution does not require major investments as regards personnel, time, or material
Ergonomic equipment

Introducing ergonomic equipment, such as adjustable chairs, alternative seats such as wobble or saddle chairs, forearm supports, alternative mice, or lifting aids to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal problems.

Height-adjustable desks

Replacing conventional sit-desks with height-adjustable desks to enable changing working position

Air quality

Ensuring good indoor air quality for example with CO2-meters, air purifiers, and dust binding carpets.

Air quality on work trips

Enabling employees whose work includes frequent travelling to have accommodation with good indoor air quality

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