Strengthen knowledge and skills

In case of severe work-related stress that impairs employees’ wellbeing, consulting a professional specialized in the field is advisable. All psychological counselling and training is recommended to be provided by an authorized psychologist or an equivalent health care professional with a qualification in psychology.



Assessment of mental health and wellbeing

To get an idea of how employees are doing and what kind of support they need, it is recommended to assess employees’ experiences on their mental health and wellbeing, workload, and stress. This can be done in collaboration with occupational health care service provider, for example, by conducting a survey or by arranging individual wellbeing discussions between employees, immediate superiors, and health care professionals.

Gentle physical activity

Arranging instructed physical activity, for example, activities arranged in nature, or body-mind techniques such as yoga

Psychologist’s help desk

Possibility for employees to talk to a psychologist at the workplace, and to get low-threshold face-to-face counselling related to challenges in personal or work life

Coping skills

Providing employees individual or group-based coaching in coping and stress management skills. This coaching can be arranged face-to-face or digitally through an application used on a computer or smartphone. The coaching can apply, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness-based methods, and relaxation technique training.

Communication skills

Supporting team building and teamwork by providing employees and managers interpersonal skills training

Time management skills

Improving employees’ cognitive ergonomics and productivity with time management training.

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