Strengthen knowledge and skills



Assessment of recovery

To get an idea of how well employees recover from work and what kind of support they need, it is recommended to assess their recovery status. This assessment can be done, for example, by conducting a survey that maps employees’ experiences on their workload, stress, and work recovery, or with a heart rate variability (HRV) measurement, a more objective indicator of stress-recovery balance.


Providing employees education on the significance of rest, sleep, and recovery for health. The education can be delivered, for example, through lectures, workshops, or information stands provided by a health care professional specialized in the topic.

Coping skills

Providing employees individual or group-based coaching in coping and stress management skills. This coaching can be arranged face-to-face or digitally through an application used on a computer or smartphone. The coaching can apply, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness-based methods, and relaxation technique training.

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