The CHRODIS PLUS Workbox supports EU member states and their workplaces in creating working conditions that foster wellbeing, health, and work ability; prevent the development of chronic diseases; and help individuals with chronic health problems to continue working. The Workbox brings thus benefits for employees, employers, and the entire society. The CHRODIS PLUS Workbox consists of the following tools:

The training tool for managers on       inclusiveness and work ability for      people with chronic conditions

The Training Tool is directed to managers of all kinds of workplaces. It aims to raise managers’ awareness of the benefits of inclusion and good management of employees with or at risk of chronic health problems at the workplace. It also provides information on and tools for measuring and strengthening the inclusion and work ability of employees with chronic conditions. The information and tools included in the Training Tool consider human functioning, personal capabilities, and commonalities of chronic diseases, and they help ensuring that the work environment is a facilitator, not a barrier to better inclusion and work ability of all employees.

The Toolkit for Workplaces for fostering employees’ wellbeing, health, and work participation.

The Toolkit collects concrete, evidence-based, and practically proven means through which workplaces can support the wellbeing and health, and enhance the work participation of all employees, regardless of their work ability and health status. In addition, the means included in the Toolkit aid to prevent chronic health problems. The Toolkit serves both as a checklist and as an idea generator, and facilitates taking concrete and feasible actions towards a health-supporting workplace.