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Factors that facilitate successful implementation of wellbeing, health, and work participation promoting actions at the workplace, and that encourage employees to make use of these actions

Management feels it has the responsibility to support employees’ wellbeing, health, and work participation, and commits to promoting them.

Management understands the utility of investing in employees’ wellbeing, health, and work participation.

Management encourages employees to take care of themselves and to utilize provided opportunities for doing that, and shows the way with own behaviour.

There is a communicative, trustful, respective, and supportive relationship between managers and employees.

Implemented actions meet employees’ needs.

Employees are involved in designing new actions.

Employees consider implemented actions interesting and beneficial.

Actions can be integrated in the routines of the workplace, and within employees’ daily work tasks.

Activities are easily accessible (costs, location, schedule, language) to employees.

Activities are arranged during or close to the beginning or end of working hours.

Wellbeing and health are openly valued and attitudes towards healthy lifestyles are positive.

There is an inclusive atmosphere with no stigma associated with any health challenges.

The responsibility for designing and coordinating wellbeing-promoting actions is incorporated into the work tasks of a designated employee or a group of employees.

There are sufficient resources (know-how, funds, personnel) and facilities for implementing needed actions.

Opportunities provided for employees are promoted through multiple communication channels, such as Intranet, email, social networking sites, info screens, posters, and word of mouth.

Employees’ workload is not too heavy.

Work schedules allow participation in arranged activities.

Employees encourage each other to participate.

Employees have sufficient motivation and self-efficacy for participation.

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